Congress Themes/Panel Discussion/Symposia Conveners

16ASC Themes and Conveners
Theme Convener
Ensuring Food & Nutritional Security: Production, consumption and value addition Dr M S Bamji
Climate Action for Sustainable Agri-food Systems Dr P K Aggrawal
Frontier Science and Emerging Genetic Technologies: Genome Breeding, Gene Editing Prof. K C Bansal
Livestock-based Transformation of Food Systems Dr K M Bujarbaruah
Horticulture-based Transformation of Food Systems Dr S K Singh
Aquaculture & Fisheries-based Transformation of Food Systems Dr J K Jena
Nature-Based Solutions for Sustainable Agri-Food Systems Dr Anil K Singh
Next Generation Technologies: Digital Agriculture, Precision Farming and AI-Based Systems Dr Rajender Prasad
Policies and Institutions for Transforming Agri-food Systems Dr P K Joshi
International Partnership for Research, Education and Development Prof. Rajeev K Varshney

Panel Discussion and Conveners
Panel Discussion Convener
Quality Education in Transforming Agri-food Systems Dr R C Agrawal
Innovations in Information Dissemination Dr Ashok K Singh, (Vice Chancellor, RLBCAU)
Farming Systems for Enhancing Nutrition and Sustainability Dr V K Singh

Symposia and Conveners
Symposia Convener
Coastal Agriculture: Livelihood and Sustainability Dr Parveen Kumar
YM 2023: Mainstreaming Millets Dr C Tara Satyavathi
Repurposing Agriculture for Achieving SDGs Dr P S Birthal
Youth and Gender Equity for Meeting the SDGs Dr Malavika Dadlani