Paper submission

Guidelines for abstract submission

General: Authors are invited to submit their abstract online on before 30 June 2023 by creating an account in website. After account creation you will be notified with a user id and password. Using this information you may login and submit the abstract. You will then receive acknowledgement containing the abstract receipt number. The acceptance of the abstract will be intimated to you in due course. Once accepted, you have to login again and complete the registration by paying fee online.

You can submit the abstract and remit the registration fee simultaneously if you wish to do so. After confirmation of the receipt of the registration fee, you will receive the receipt for the payment made and your registration process for the Congress shall then be treated as complete.

Only after receiving the requisite registration fee, on or before 31st July 2023, your abstract will be included in the book of abstracts and you will be able to participate in the Congress.

By submitting an abstract, the author(s) make(s) a commitment that the work is original and has not been published before, in any manner, and that at least one of the authors would register and attend the conference. Submission of an abstract also implies that the authors have all the mandatory approvals for doing so and that the content is devoid of plagiarism/ similarity. For all issues arising out of the abstract being placed in the public domain, the authors will be solely responsible and in no way the organizers or the host of the Congress.

Title: The title should be printed in BOLD (16-point Times New Roman) with scientific names italicized.

: Names of all authors should be in bold, 12-point Times New Roman font. Presenting author's name should be with * after the name.

Address and email
: Designations, affiliations/addresses (very brief), telephone numbers and e-mail addresses should be in 10-point Times New Roman font. Provide only presenting author's address and e-mail address.

Length: Maximum length for an abstract is one A4 sized page.

Page size/setup: Standard A4 (210mm x 297mm=8.27"x 11.69") paper (portrait). The margin should be set at 1 inch throughout (Top/bottom/left/right).

Font and spacing: The abstract text should be in 12-point Times New Roman, 1.15 spacing and should not exceed 400 words, explaining the background, the need, aims, methods and the findings of the study along with its possible utility.

Keywords: The Abstract text should be followed by a list of keywords subject to a maximum of five, which should be arranged in alphabetical order and should be separated by commas.

Paragraphs: Paragraphs should be separated by a blank line and should not be indented.

Alignment: ‘Left’ alignment for the title, author(s) affiliation/address and keywords. ‘Justify’ alignment for abstract body.

Figures and Tables: No figure, table or reference should be included in the abstract.

Deadline: 30 June 2023 is the deadline for submission of abstracts. Abstracts received after the deadline may not find a place in the Book of Abstracts.


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